Austrian Composers Association (ACOM)/
Vereinigung Österreichischer Komponistinnen und Komponisten
Pushing Austria’s Contemporary Music Forward

The Austrian Composers‘ Society (ÖKB) was founded in 1913. Led by the vision to improve artistic exchange among composers the ÖKB is the first and eldest representative body of composers in Austria. Comparable to a “chamber” the ÖKB’s main focus is to take care of the creative and economical as wells as legal and social issues, interests and concerns of its members.

Numerous projects run by the ÖKB such as composing competitions and call for works, seminars, CD and music video productions, or national and international artistic exchange programmes aim to encourage contemporary music creation in Austria. In recent years, through consequent communication with politicians, cultural leaders, leaders in broadcasting media, and experts in various specialised fields (e.g. authors’ rights and copyrights), the ÖKB has established a respective lobby for the Austrian contemporary music scene.

Today, the ÖKB is representing more than 650 members working in various music backgrounds. Besides Austrian composers and foreign composers living in Austria, musicians, music teachers or musicologists, who are involved in the contemporary Austrian music scene, can become members – not depending on musical genre, age or gender. Students engaged in contemporary music are as well very welcome to join. From April 2014 to April 2020 Alexander Kukelka was chairing the ÖKB.


The ÖKB is member of:
European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)
Austrian Music Council (ÖMR)
Austrian Filmmakers Association