ECCO – Call for Works – Stockholm Saxophone Quartet – Stockholm 2019

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) is pleased to launch a call for works to be considered for its twelfth European Contemporary Composers Orchestra (ECCO) Concert which will be performed during the ECSA General Assembly in Stockholm.

ECCO is an initiative of the contemporary music committee of ECSA (known as the ECF committee). It aims to establish a Europe-wide network dedicated to the performance, distribution and promotion of contemporary art music. It operates as a network of active ensembles, orchestras and young professionals, supporting creative dialogue between composers and performers and offering young professionals the opportunity to develop their skills on international level with ensembles experienced in contemporary music.

ECSA is pleased to announce that the ECCO concert will be performed by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. The concert will take place on 8th October 2019 in Stockholm.

1/ The specifications for the concert are:

  • For the ECCO call for Stockholm, the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet makes available the following instrumentation:
  • Soprano saxophone
  • Alto saxophone
  • Tenor saxophone
  • Baritone saxophone
  • Electronics (only pre-recorded)
  • Pieces for saxophone quartet and pieces of mixed music (saxophone quartet and electronics) are eligible for this call
  • Electronic parts can only be submitted as sound files or max patches
  • We encourage pieces of all lengths but ask that the piece does not exceed 15 minutes
  • Works composed in movements cannot exceed 15 minutes in total. Separate movements will not be accepted
  • Works must have been written within the last twenty years and have already received a performance

2/ Submission requirements:

Submission must be made online via a PDF of the score. The score should preferably be type-set, but PDFs of legible hand-written score and parts are allowed. Submissions must include an audio recording in MP3 format of a live performance. No submissions will be considered without it.

Submissions should be made and co-ordinated via ECSA member societies.  There is a maximum of three per country – chosen by the country.  If there are more member societies within one country, then they have to coordinate their entries amongst each other. ECSA members that are international networks are allowed to submit six pieces.

Submissions from both individuals and publishers are welcome as long as they are made via member societies.

ECSA would like to encourage member societies to take gender balance into consideration for the selection.

Compositions by members of the ECCO Working Group and Artistic Committee, ECSA board and/ or ECF official delegation (i.e. representatives of the composers’ societies within the ECF committee) will not be considered.

Interessierte ÖKB-Mitglieder werden ersucht, ihr Werk bis spätestens 7. Juni 2019 an zu senden.

The jury will consist of members of the ECCO Artistic Committee who will select a programme of works of about 60 minutes. The aim is to have a broad selection of works which represent both the quality and diversity of the contemporary European repertoire within the ECSA members’ network.

3/ Contribution from Composer Societies:

If successful, composer societies who will have presented the selected pieces will be expected to cover the costs of hire of material/parts.

Composer societies are kindly asked to indicate if they plan to finance the travel of the composer to the ECCO concert.

Composer societies whose submissions have been selected for performance will be notified via e-mail after 15th July 2019.

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